Meet Dr. Africa Rainey

Meet Dr. Africa Rainey

Dr. Africa Rainey is an African-American, pansexual, gender-fluid,  Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor.  She holds both a Doctorate degree in Counseling Psychology and Education and a Masters’ degree in Counseling.

She is a member of the American Psychological Association, Division 44 LGBT, Division 35 Women’s issues and Division 45 Racial and Ethnic Minority issues. She is a member of  the Illinois, LGBT Chamber of Commerce and Association of Black Psychologists. She has spent her entire career working with diverse populations ranging from individuals with developmental disabilities, LGBTQI2, and racial and gender minorities. She is a highly intuitive clinician who has been working with people for over 30 years. She is known for her energy, enthusiasm, openness, passion, and ability to deeply understand and connect with others.

Eight years ago, Dr. Africa began Authentic Self as a means of assisting clients in raising their awareness of their own capacity to self-heal, inspire and grow from within.

She has spent much of her career working in non-profit organizations. During her non-profit work, she received both service and achievement awards. She was known for volunteering to take on difficult cases due to her innate ability to understand the individuals she worked with.

Dr. Africa is also a dynamic speaker and West African Percussionist. She has a special love for diversity and has lectured extensively to schools and professionals on issues surrounding diverse populations, particularly, racial, gender and sexual minority populations. She has sat on the Cultural Competency Committee of McHenry County in order to raise awareness of diversity in the area.

She is a West African Percussionist studying under teacher and master drummer Helen Bond for over 8 years. She is a member of the band Diamana Diya led by percussion artists Helen Bond and Amy Lusk. She volunteers her time to play during the summer at various non-profit venues, therapeutic drum circles and festivals. She has a special affinity for animals and rescues and fosters cats and dogs. Many of her own companion animals have assisted her in helping and healing others her entire career. Dr. Africa is also an avid backyard birder and gardener.